A Water-Filled Bag Of Pennies On Your Porch Can Do What? So Smart!

Ah, summertime. Warm air, long, sunny days ... and the flies. Somehow, regardless of how many hours I daydream of summer activities, I always forget about this familiar foe. While I'm busy planning the perfect backyard barbeque, I never quite remember the true annoyance of these uninvited guests. As soon as food and drinks are served, you can count on flies to swarm, eager to sample whatever treats are offered. Worst of all, before landing on your food, they've likely spent a lovely afternoon meandering around rotting food, garbage, feces, and other unsavory (and unsanitary) items. Nasty. So, this raises a question for the ages: how can you keep flies away?

Of course, a simple answer is to purchase a bug zapper. Unfortunately, they're not only expensive, but tend to make quite a mess when insects meet their fate (i.e., exploding insect guts). For those who wish to save money, and mess, there's another alternative. Best of all, this fly repellant uses items many of you probably already have at home.

Your Gear: plastic sandwich bags, several pennies, salt, and lime juice.

Mix two and a half cups of water with a dash of salt and a little lime juice. Carefully pour the solution into your plastic sandwich bag until it's almost full. Add the pennies to the bag before sealing it shut. The water/salt/lime solution will help keep your coins shining bright.

Now, it's time to hang the bag. Grab a heavy-duty paper clip and slip it through the top of the bag above the seal. Attach the other side of the clip to some string and hang above your porch.

There you have it! You can hang several bags throughout your yard or deck if you have a larger area. We don't actually know why this works. But, according to our friends in the South, it does. Let us know if you've tried this natural fly-repellant trick and whether or not it worked for you.

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H/T: Metaspoon | Instructables

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