A Whole Crew Of Street Artists And One Macromural Transformed This Town Into Something Impressive

When officials of Palmitas, a district in Mexico, looked at their town, they knew they wanted to do something. Dingy-looking buildings and youth violence were just some of the issues that they hoped to solve, so they called in some unexpected backup.

The government contacted a group of street artists, who call themselves "Germen Crew."

Made up primarily of graffiti artists, the collective was formed in Guadalajara in 2012, where they painted a mural on a public space turned skateboard ramp.

The project spans over 200 houses, totaling 20,000 square meters of canvas.

All in all, 452 families made up of 1,808 people were directly affected by the huge artistic undertaking.

This goes far beyond the usual work of street artists, even those accustomed to creating larger-than-life work.

The term for a project as big as this one is a macromural, denoting it's enormous size.


The crew had never worked on a mural quite this big, but their dedication to community involvement made things easier.

As their canvas was made up of private homes, the artists wanted advice on what the final product should look like.

The project took about five months to paint, which left lots of time for the crew to immerse themselves in the lives of those in Palmitas.

During chats on the street, dinners where residents have invited the artists into their homes and more, the mural began to take shape.

Germen Crew drew their inspiration from the community and the nature of Palmitas itself.

Their goal with using so many colors is to illustrate the variety of souls living close to each other, creating a community that's completely unique.

The crew's commitment to the community didn't stop at seeking their input on the final design, either.

They hosted workshops for the local children and festivals for the whole town.


Aside from a beautiful facade and fun activities, the town gained something intangible by opening their doors to the artists and their neighbors.

Jobs have even been created because of the enormous project and youth violence is at an all-time low.

Residents of the now-colorful community also have taken more ownership over their space, the way their town looks and functions.

The artists have even inventoried each color, so neighbors can carry out maintenance easily on their own.

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