A Woman Learns Not To Jump To Conclusions The Hard Way

Jan 29, 2015

The following short story illustrates the importance of taking the time to understand a situation before jumping to conclusions. Check it out:


One day a woman was waiting at the airport and her plane was delayed. She bought fresh-baked cookies and headed to the VIP lounge.  

She sat down and began to read. A young man sitting next to her was also reading, and the cookies were between them. She reached into the bag of cookies and grabbed one. The young man did the same. 

The young woman was perturbed -- "Why is he eating my cookies," she wondered. This continued until there was just one left, which he grabbed and split in half. She was angry so she left the lounge and went to board her plane. 

On the plane, she reached into her purse and her heart sank. There were her cookies, unopened and uneaten. The young man had shared his cookies without saying a word, even splitting his last one to share with her, before she stormed off.

This short story's creator is unknown, but he or she certainly tackles the issue of assumption, and its consequences, head on. This story forces all of us to wonder how many times we may have been in this same situation, and reacted similarly, without realizing that we were actually the recipients of the kindness of strangers. 

Credit: GodVine

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