Abducted Girl Rescued By 3 Lions

Wild Encounters

Anytime a child goes missing, it's a matter of concern for the entire community. People organize large search parties and neighborhood watches to help authorities catch the bad guys and, most importantly, rescue the child. Sometimes, however, the search can yield some incredibly unexpected results.

When a 12-year-old girl was kidnapped in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, authorities and the community rallied together to search for her. They worked for a whole week to find her but came up short. Then, as if by a miracle, they found her near the Bita Genet area... guarded by a pride of lions!


The girl had been abducted to be forced into an arranged marriage with a much older man. Her kidnappers started beating her, and the resulting commotion attracted the attention of three lions who were in the area. The lions attacked the men and drove them away from the little girl.


They watched over her to make sure that the men didn't return, and stayed watching over her until she was rescued before slinking away back into the forest.


It's almost as if they knew exactly how much danger she was in and knew they needed to protect her. Lions in the area have been known to attack humans, so the fact that they didn't hurt her at all is a miracle. Everyone is just glad that the little girl was returned home safely.

H/T: HeroViral

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