Abused Musician Performs "Symphony Of Survival"

As a child, Norman Malone witnessed things that no person should ever have to see, but he always had his music. Then, on one fateful night, even that seemed to be taken from him.

Norman can never forget that night - he was just 10 years old when his father came home and beat him and his brother until they were both left partially paralyzed, and emotionally scarred for life. Due to his injuries, Norman lost the use of his right hand. Until this point, he’d dreamt of becoming a concert pianist. Now, that would be an impossibility.

Instead of giving up on music, though, Norman spent the rest of his life learning to play with just his left hand. He went on to become a choir teacher, but rarely ever played the piano outside of his apartment in South Chicago. Now, at 78, all that is about to change. With the encouragement of some of his former students, he takes the stage to showcase his unique style of playing, forged by his plight to survive the hardships of life. By the end of his performance, the audience is speechless - and so is Norman.

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H/T: CBS Sunday Morning

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