Add Aspirin To Your Washer For Better Cleaning Results

If you're like me, you've spent countless hours trying to perfect washing white garments. I pre-soak, pre-treat and do all I can to keep my whites pristinely white, but eventually, they all slowly fade into the realm of grayness. Little did I know, I should have reached for my medicine cabinet rather than my laundry room for the answer to this age-old quandary. 

The key to winning the battle against the grays? Aspirin. To begin, dissolve five 325mg aspirin tablets in 2 gallons of hot water. Some people prefer to smash the tablets first to speed up the dissolving process. 


Once dissolved, place your white garments in the mixture and soak for at least 8 hours, or even overnight. As an alternative, simply toss the five aspirin tablets in your washing machine. Be aware, though, that soaking overnight does provide the best results.


After your laundry has soaked for at least 8 hours, remove your clothes from the solution to dry. You may also run the pre-soaked laundry items through a standard wash cycle in the machine. Not only does this secret cleaning method eliminate dullness from clothes, it's also an effective stain remover. 


Removing blood stains is a slightly different procedure. Dissolve the recommended amount of aspirin in cold water. Allow the garments to soak for 2 hours before washing. As a rule of thumb, never use hot water to remove bloodstains. The reason? Blood proteins clump together in hot water, which makes the stain nearly impossible to eliminate. 


Curious how this method works? As the aspirin dissolves, it releases a weak acid that doubles as an effect cleaning agent. So there you have it. Stop wasting money on expensive (and lackluster) cleaning solutions, and turn to your medicine cabinet instead! 

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H/T: Cleverly

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