Adorable Miniature Campers, Made Just For Your Beloved Pet

As any devoted parent of a precious "furbaby" will tell you, pets deserve only the best. That means lots of fun toys, long walks, good food, tons of belly rubs, and scratches behind the ears. It also means making sure that your pet has the comfiest place to sleep, where they can get rest in a truly cozy environment. Usually, that means a stuffed bed or a cushy crate, but for some lucky pets, it means their very own camper.

One artist, classically trained as a sculptor, came up with the perfect pet home. Each house looks like a retro camper, only miniature. Once you see these sweet houses, you'll know you need one for that special pup or cat in your life. 

All the campers are part of the Straight Line Designs Inc.'s Pet Trailer Series.

They're designed and individually crafted by artist Judson Beaumont.

Although they look like model trailers, they obviously can't be hitched to the back of the truck.

That doesn't mean they aren't dog-gone adorable, though!


There are seven different models, each with its own shape and fun details.

You can even customize certain aspects of the trailer if you buy one, such as adding a personalized license plate.

Each trailer comes with a specially designed space to hold food and water bowls.

They also provide easy entry and shaded sleeping areas where your pup (or cat!) can get some rest.

Additionally, you can have Beaumont add electrical features, such as lighting and a sound system!


The paint colors are up to the buyer too, as well as the flooring. Options include carpet, tile, and hardwood.

Beaumont's work, including his sweet campers, has been featured in many different publications.

Learn more about the creative genius behind the adorable trailers in the video below.

If you'd like to check out more dog campers, or find one for your favorite furry friend, check out Straight Line Design Inc.'s website here.

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H/T: LittleThings | Straight Line Designs Inc

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