After 6 Months With No Eye Contact, Dad Finally Discovers Adopted Dog's True Passion

Dogs that have been rescued from an abusive or neglectful past often take time to adjust to their new lives. Everything they've ever known is wrong and they need to learn to accept love for the first time. That's the situation that Penni found herself in, and for a long time after being adopted by her new dad, she couldn't even look at him.

Penni lived in the basement of a drug house, and she was in rough shape when she was rescued out of there. Unfortunately, years of this lifestyle had already taken its toll on her psyche. That's when she was adopted by a man named Blaine, and little by little, her life changed.

For their first six months together, Penni wouldn't even make eye contact with him. She'd just sit in the corner with her head down, unwilling to even take a walk. Blaine had never met a dog so scared of everything.

Then, they moved from New Jersey to Las Vegas, which is where Penni's true passion for life revealed itself. Blaine took her on regular hikes, and noticed her demeanor changed whenever they were out and about. Slowly but surely, she was coming out of her shell. It's still a work in progress, but it's truly heartwarming to see. 

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H/T: The Dodo

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