After A Little Girl Went Missing, She Was Found With A Group Of Ferocious Protectors

For every parent, their worst nightmare is having their child go missing. This is an especially fearful experience for parents in Ethiopia, where bride kidnapping is still practiced, albeit illegally. So when the parents of a 12-year-old girl noticed their daughter had not returned to the family home near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, they immediately panicked. They searched for a week, but found nothing, until there was a sighting of the girl.

Everyone was surprised that she was alive, but they were mostly surprised by who was surrounding her: a pride of lions.


She was also found incredibly far away from home in Bita Genet, a town nearly 350 miles away from the capital of the country.

When the police found her they were hesitant to approach until the lions did something surprising.

Eric Kilby

Although they had steadfastly stood guard over the missing child, they simply turned and left once they sensed she was in the presence of fellow humans that would keep her safe.


Once she had been returned to safety, the girl began to tell police the horrific story of what lead up to her miraculous rescue.

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While she was walking home from school, a group of men abducted her with the intention of marrying her off to one of their gang.

When she was found, the girl showed signs of abuse, but police were surprised to learn that none of the marks were caused by the lions. The harm was all inflicted by the group of kidnappers.

Subharnab Majumdar

While the attackers were moving her to avoid capture, the lions found them and they ran away, leaving the girl behind.


After that, the girl said the lions stood guard for over a day, until police arrived on the scene.

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While some wildlife experts cast doubts on the story, others think it could be likely that the girl's crying made her sound like a lion cub. This could have easily triggered the protective instincts of the pride.

No matter the cause, though, everyone agrees that the happy ending is certainly a miracle.

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