After Being Raised With Cats, This Precious Pooch Has Some Serious Feline Instincts.

Malamutes are certainly known for their gorgeous wolf-like appearance, but this very special Malamute named Tally brings something else to mind. Nevermind being raised by wolves – Tally was raised by cats. 

Not only does Tally not bark, but she's incredibly catlike.

Exhibit A:

She naturally bends herself into all the poses cat-lovers will recognize.

She was two years old when her owners adopted her.


Nobody has told her she isn't a cat.

I mean, how could you?

She loves hanging around her owners, begging for chin scratches.

And they totally accept her for who she is.

The cats have taught her well in the fine art of napping.


In a variety of feline poses.

Including the all-out sprawl.

They taught her a few cat faces.

And that cat laziness they're known for best.

Credit: Imgur 

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