After His Wife Left Him, This Man Decided To Do This With Her Wedding Dress. It's Epic.

Whenever a couple gets divorced, their possessions must be divided. When Kevin Cotter and his wife of twelve years decided to call it quits, he found that she had left behind an unusual momento – her perfectly preserved wedding dress. When Kevin asked his ex what he should do with the $1,000 dress, she said, “Whatever [...] you want." This inspired Kevin to seek some unique (and hilarious) revenge. What you see below are the a few of the many creative uses he found for the dress, which he recorded on his blog.

This is just perfect.

Sometimes, Kevin wore the dress as a costume...

Other times it became a well-placed prop.

He obviously had fun with his newly single status.

He turned the dress into a work of art.

And it worked as a great protector for his car on hot days.


It wasn't great for washing cars, but, hey, Kevin tried.

The lacey bustle made for a great shower curtain.

Kevin also now holds the world record for most jump ropes with a wedding dress (which is 37, in case you want to challenge him).

It was a little too heavy to be a good parachute.

But that just made it even better for protecting Kevin from the sun when he kicked back to relax.

The slip n’ slide was a great idea, but would have worked better with a silk gown.

In a pinch, the dress even served well as a makeshift tent.


As a tow rope the dress worked surprisingly well and helped Kevin move this SUV over a mile.

Babysitting? Easy.

Yoga mat? Done.

Enjoy your sweet revenge, Kevin. You earned it. 

As Kevin found out, there are many ways to use your ex's wedding dress. You can read about it in even more detail in Kevin's book, 101 Uses for My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress. Not only has Kevin taught us how durable a wedding dress really is, but he has shown us how amazingly strong a person can be following a breakup. And for that, Kevin, we thank you.

Credit: Kevin Cotter

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