After Losing Her Kittens, This Grieving Cat Is Given A Second Chance At Motherhood

May 8, 2015

Mikey is an 8-month-old cat who recently had some premature kittens. Sadly, they were too weak and started dying one by one. When her babies died, Mikey fell into a depression. Her owner, Hilary, couldn't bear to see her this way so she reached out to a cat rescue agency called Dori's Darlings to see if they had any recommendations.

As it happens, a few days before Mikey's last kitten passed away, Dori's Darlings gave three newborn kittens to Amanda Lowe to foster until they found a permanent home. So, when Hilary called the agency, they put her in touch with Amanda. The next day, Amanda brought over the kittens.

Mikey took to the kittens immediately, licking and hugging them right away.

After a few minutes, she rolled over and offered to nurse them.


After a few hours, Amanda felt that these kittens had found a home.

Mikey clearly looks like she’s very happy to be a mom.

They really look like they belong together.

Via: Laughing Squid

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