After Paying Only $500 For This Detroit House, She Transformed It Into Something Amazing

The last decade has been very tough on Detroit's economy, and the city is now home to an increasingly large number of abandoned property. To curb the blight that comes with vacant homes, the city has begun auctioning them off at alarmingly low rates. Inspired by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have her own huge pop-up gallery space, florist Lisa Ward devised a huge art installation.

She purchased two homes in Detroit for her project. The total cost? A mere $500.

The interiors of the homes were a disaster, overflowing with garbage and neglect.

Inspired by the art of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, the artists behind the “Gates at Central Park” and the wrapped Pont-Neuf bridge, Ward wanted to bring the houses to life.

With 4,000 flowers, she turned the homes into a living garden.

She had considered creating the installation in a small shed, but a small scale wouldn't have the "wow factor" she wanted.


A Detroit native, she said she couldn't help but notice the prevalence of the vacant houses and it had dawned on her that they could potentially be canvasses.

She worked with a company called Reclaim Detroit to recycle more than 75 percent of the materials she used.

The houses would be filled with flowers for just one weekend.

From there, the opening would serve to launch Ward's new business, Pot & Box, an urban flower design company.

Although the project will only last for one weekend, Ward has ongoing plans for the houses.

The 4,000 flowers only filled up one side of the house.


She plans to continue the series, continuing on to the other side of the home.

She'll also increase the number up to 100,000 flowers for a full-size effect.

She says that the project became a focus on sustainability, using her resources in an eco-friendly way and coming up with long-term plans for the lots.

She plans to use the space to grow several varieties of flowers for her art and her business.

You can find out more about Lisa's company, Pot & Box, on her website. 

Credit: My Modern Met 

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