After Recovering From His Own Illness, This Cat Helps Nurse Other Sick Animals Back To Health

From the city of Bydgoszcz in Poland comes the heartwarming story of a cat who's learned to pay it forward. Ramadenes is an adorable black cat who has beat some incredible odds on the road to a full recovery, and he was at death's door when he was brought to the veterinary clinic. 

After he recovered, Ramadenes decided it was time to return the love and attention he'd received. He started cuddling, massaging and (at times) even cleaning the other animals in the recovery ward. Now he's become somewhat of a local celebrity, with people visiting from all around to see him.

Ramadenes survived a respiratory infection, and now helps other animals at this Polish shelter feel better as they heal.

His condition was so severe that the people who brought him in thought he would need to be put down.


But the vets decided to save him once they heard him purring gently.

After what can be described as a miraculous recovery, he surprised everyone when he started hugging and cuddling the other animals.

He seemed to have a special knack for befriending the animals with the most serious surgeries.

The vets like to joke that he's actually a full-time nurse at the shelter.


He's basically become their mascot.

Proof that cats can be compassionate too.

Credit: TVN Meteo | BoredPanda 

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