After Retiring, These Two Men Became Friends. They Look Alike, But That's Not The Strangest Part

Have you ever been told that you look exactly like someone else? The word doppelganger means “double of a living person,” and although it sounds odd, it’s not as uncommon as you might think. Even so, it must be incredibly mind-blowing to come across someone who looks just like you.

Imagine Neil Richardson’s surprise when he retired to a new town, only to find that the people there already seemed to know him. Complete strangers would refer to him as “John” on the streets, and act friendly and familiar, as if they had known him for years. As Richardson said, “On one occasion ... someone actually came up to my table and said, ‘You are John Jemison, aren't you?’ I was very interested to meet his man, who I thought must be rather good-looking!”

Although Richardson hunted for more clues, he found no proof of his doppelganger, until…

The two men randomly boarded the same bus. Both were traveling to London to view the same art exhibition, but the similarities didn’t stop there. 


As Richardson and Jemison talked, they realized they had a lot more than looks in common. They went to the same college and use the same bank. Both were once religion education teachers, although their true passion lies in writing poetry. Both have an adult son who plays the didgeridoo. Coincidentally, they both proposed to their wives after only a week of knowing them. 

Richardson is 69 years old, and Jemison is 74. Although many have suggested that they are twins or long-lost brothers, the pair are actually just good friends who happen to have a lot in common. 

Here’s to a long and happy retirement for both men. Their story goes to show you never know what kind of weird and wonderful adventures await in life. 

Credit: The Huffington Post | Daily Gazette

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