After The Divorce, The Judge Said Split Things 50/50. How This Guy Does It Is Hilarious

Breaking up can be rough, and divorce is even worse. It's always hard to say goodbye to someone who you've shared a significant portion of your life with. Even if it’s mutual, there are still often a lot of underlying negative feelings. In addition to the sheer emotional toll that it takes just to split up from someone you loved, there's the frustrating experience of having to divide up your belongings. 

Recently, a German man known online as Der Juli went through a divorce with his wife, Laura, and was mandated by the court to split their belongings 50/50. I'm guessing this was not a particularly amicable divorce because, although he complied, he did so with the sense of annoyance that only an unliked ex can inspire. True to the letter of the law, he grabbed a power saw and gave his wife half of everything... literally.

He gave her half a phone.

And, since nobody uses landlines anymore, half an iPhone 5 (how considerate).

That iPhone should sync up nicely with this MacBook Pro.

He also gave her half a flatscreen TV....

And, half a DVD player.


Yep, even half of a car.

That half might actually still work if you can find a way to get gas to the engine....

One half of a helmet.

Presumably for her safety while riding half a bike.

There's also a half of a couch, 

Half a bed.

And, half of a chair set (my personal favorite).


Nothing was spared from the divorce, not even this teddy bear.

Alas, poor teddy, you weren't made for a world where love is so cruel.

Check out the video he made showing the entire process:

All the items listed above are actually from an eBay auction that Der Juli is currently holding with his half of the belongings. The other half has apparently been mailed to his ex (though, how you mail half a car is beyond me). Here's hoping he's luckier in love next time.

UPDATE: While we’re delighted many of our readers found this story interesting, we recently learned it is not real. It is a cleverly produced advertisement from a German website designed to help people find legal assistance.

The now viral “divorce split” story – featuring everything from an iPhone to a car sliced down the middle – may be based on a real situation. In the German town of Sonnenberg, a 43-year-old man upon learning of his pending divorce, sawed in half the summer cabin he once shared with his wife.

The fake but very realistic looking ad is what you could call “the ultimate breakup” and we find it quite funny. 

Via: Der Juli

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