After The Passing Of His Best Bud, He Lost All Hope In Finding A New Dog... Until The Phone Rang

On Black Friday of 2013, Imgur user Numbersnut took this picture of his best friend, this loyal Bloodhound. Six months later, the bloodhound passed away.

He was crushed. He knew he wasn't ready to open his heart up to another dog, so he put in an application to foster. He thought the application would take several months but the next day his phone rang and he was introduced to this Chihuahua-mix puppy.

He bonded quickly with the little dog, but he knew it was only a foster.


A few days later, two hound dogs showed up at the pound in need of a place to stay.

He became the proud foster papa to all three. The dogs became good influences on each other, keeping themselves calm and teaching the little one not to yap.

Pretty soon, she was adopted. “It was bittersweet to say goodbye," he said, "I couldn’t save my dog, but I helped save this dog. I was also crying my eyes out in this picture and realized that sunglasses are an instrumental part to fostering dogs.”

A few weeks later, he said goodbye to one of the hound dogs when he found his forever family.


Then it was just he and Gus. And when he looked into Gus's loving eyes, he knew he was ready to love again.

“So I took my foster to another adoption event but this time I got selfish and adopted him for myself. In the rescue system this is called a “foster failure” as my adopting the dog theoretically ties up a spot that could have gone to another rescue.”

But it's a successful story for he and Gus, who continue to foster.

“If they (rescue dogs) each take a piece of my heart I like to think that my heart is running around all over town.”

Credit: LiftBump

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