Airman Proposes To Girlfriend In The Sweetest Way Possible

Memorial Day weekend is a time to pause and reflect on those brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country. It’s important to remember those who have, and still, serve our country in the armed forces.

While many celebrate this holiday weekend with parades, concerts, cookouts, and more, one couple is celebrating for two reasons.

Airmen Ben Dellucca was supposed to be in Texas to continue his Air Force training, which, unfortunately, was going to prevent him from welcoming home his fellow airman and girlfriend, Robin. The couple hadn’t seen each other in a very long time, as Robin had been serving in Afghanistan for the past six months. When she heard the news that Ben wouldn’t be able to meet her at the airport, she was understandably disappointed. Not expecting anything special, Robin was more than surprised with what was waiting for her.

Upon special permission from his superiors, sneaky Ben was waiting at the bottom of the escalator near the airport exit in full dress blues with an important question on his mind. When Robin spots her beau, she immediately runs into his arms. Ecstatic to see her boyfriend again, what happens next is something she will never forget.

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H/T: SolSurprise

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