All Across Italy, You'll Find These Big Empty Castles. What's Even Better Is How The Interiors Look.

If you happen to be in the market for your very own castle, real estate company Lionard has got you covered. This Florence-based realty company has no less than 70 castles up for sale.

According to the New York Times, Italy's long-standing inherited wealth has been steadily dwindling away. This is due to a harsh economic climate and cuts on government subsidies to keep historic properties well-maintained. Not to mention, younger generations are preferring to move to urban areas rather than be the kings of their family castles. Many of the castles were inherited through generations, regardless of whether or not they could afford the upkeep and taxes on them. 

So if you're ready to embark on your royal journey, check out these castles currently on the market with Lionard.

This pink palazzo dates back to the 19th century and was previously owned by one of the most powerful families in the area.

Pink Palace 

The interiors have their original frescoes and stucco.

The price is listed at 5 to 10 million. Get the juicy details here.

Medieval Fortress in Piedmont 

From the listing: “The main floor hosts two suites with frescoed walls, the “King room”, a suite with a XVIIIth century terrace, two XVIIIth century living rooms with fireplaces, a dance hall, a music hall, a library and a courtyard.”

The price is listed at 5 to 10 million. Check out its Gothic details here.

Medieval Fortress in Piedmont

This property is hoping for a buyer with an interest in turning it into a hotel. (Or a house for the world's best "Game of Thrones" viewing parties.) Converting villas into luxury hotels is one of the best ways to afford the upkeep on the ancient artwork, vineyards, olive groves and building details.

The price is listed at 5 to 10 million. Check out its Gothic details here.

Old Papal Residence With Medieval Village Views

“Property for sale near Rome featuring a very quaint real estate complex built on a hill… conceived as a feudal castle, in order to establish the monastic rule on Subiaco, over the centuries the building assumed different functions, from fortress, to luxurious palace and residence of popes and cardinals.” 

This feudal castle has modern amenities from its gut renovation in 1476. Details here

Lombardy Family Castle in Milan

“Splendid castle at the door of Milan, was built in 1593 on the ruins of the old east tower, still visible today… property of an illustrious Lombardy family until the end of the 1800s.”


Stables and antique carriages included.

If you've got an extra 10 million euros laying around, check it out here.

Luxury Lake Maggiore Villa

Private beach? Check. Two kitchens, 14 bedrooms, two taverns, check, check and check. From the listing: "This is an exceptional property, in one of the most enchanting areas of Italy, ideal for those who appreciate the fantastic typical Lombardy landscapes, which are one of the main features of this estate."

This one's a steal at 2.5 to 5 million euros, available here

Emilia Romagna Medieval Castle

"The castle features three entrances for vehicles and five doorways. Grand ornamental statues of horses and lions guard the main entrances. During the 17th century this site featured only a grand country house and only the north facing part of the castle. In 1882, the duke, who was the owner, felt it was necessary to embellish what was then a simple manor house. With the help of an engineer, he decided to build an actual castle in medieval style, surrounded by imposing walls, which then became the official residence of his dukedom. During the 1800s, the building underwent important transformations, particularly regarding the internal spaces, becoming an ideal place for leisure and entertainment."

You could install your own security system or you could use the bow-and-arrow approach on the battlements. Listed for 5 to 10 million euros here

Castello di Sapia

This fixer-upper from the late Middle Ages is located in the heart of the Crete hills of Siena. 

The property needs a little work, but it does come with its very own lookout tower and 16th century chapel.

On the market for just 2.5 million euros here

Villa Godilonda

If you are on the prowl for a nice little place to summer off the Etruscan coast, check out the Bulgari family's former seaside shack of 278 suites and a private beach.

The listing mentions that you might want to put in a heliport. Available here for 8 million euros.

Chianti Castle, Vineyard and Olive Grove


“Dating back to the 17th century, this property is a true architectural masterpiece and is nestled in the green hills of Tuscany, in the heart of the famous Chianti area. There is a producing vineyard, for the production of excellent Tuscan wine and an olive grove for making extra virgin olive oil.”

Rule your gardening club with this place, available here for 10 million euros.

Lucca Villa of Collodi

"The Villa is a four story building and its elevated position with respect to the district offers a panoramic view like no other. The Villa is masterfully decorated with rococo finishes that give it a timeless fabulous look. There are frescoes, stucco and paintings, and the interior of the house for sale is huge. But what probably gives more value and prestige to the magnificent villa is the majestic garden that surrounds it.... There are flower beds, circular ponds, and water features that greet visitors to the garden and offer a charm of another era. The charm of French style are obvious and recall the style of Mannerism and Baroque."

The property comes with its own drawbridge and is all set to be an event venue. If you're ready to get the party started, grab 10 million euros and get it here

Ligura Castle

This downright modern 26-room Coppedè stye castle was built in 1911. 

Get ready to soak up the sun for 2.5 to 5 million euros here.

Historic Castle complete with private family graveyard.

The description lists such amenities as: “stables, slaughter house, large cellars, medieval chapel and the private family graveyard.” 

It does come with its own cave foyer.

You can call it home for just 2.5 to 5 million euros, here.

Credit: Lionard | Messy Nessy Chic

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