Alternative Household Uses For Tension Rods

Tension rods have been around for a while, and most of us have seen them used for hanging shower curtains, regular curtains, towels and the like, but did you know that this simple household item can be used for a whole lot more if you have a little imagination?

Inventive DIYers around the world have looked to the humble tension rod and seen endless possibilities. Once you really set your mind to it, there are so many ways in which you can use them, because their mechanism allows them to work in spaces of all sizes, and they're actually sturdy enough to hang a decent bit of weight on them.

Check out eight of my favorite alternative uses for tension rods below. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to create your own project!

1. Play Room

Sunshine on the Inside

Use tension rods in between bookshelves to create a little "stage" area, complete with curtains. More theatrically-minded kids will go ga-ga over this.

2. Kitchen

With Time to Spare

Put a tension rod into your kitchen cupboards for an easy way to maximize storage space for pots and pans. Genius!


3. Shoe Closet


Instead of getting an expensive shoe organizer, try using a few well-placed tension rods. Set them at different heights depending on the shoes you have. Voila! Shoes organized.

4. Nursery

Visualize Us

This is especially useful if you're renting and can't actually make any permanent modifications to your space. Use a tension rod to create a cute little nook between the crib and the wall. You could also anchor it using another piece of furniture like a bookshelf, dresser, etc. 

5. Cleaning Supplies


Is there anything more annoying than a cabinet full of disorganized cleaning supplies? It almost makes you not want to clean at all. But, many cleaning products have a spray nozzle attached to them, which means you could hang them up from a tension rod!

6. Craft Table

Montana Prairie Tales

There are so many ways to use tension rods under a table, particularly for crafts. For instance, you could buy a big ol' roll of craft paper and hang it under the table with a tension rod. Now, it's out of the way, but still conveniently accessible. 


You could also use the same general idea to store spools of ribbon! No more drawers overflowing with ribbon!

I'm A Project Junkie

7. Pantry

Martha Stewart

By using tension rods in your pantry, you can create some separation for things like cutting boards, baking trays, and more. Now, not only do you no longer have to stack/unstack a pile of stuff every time you want one item, but everything also stays easily upright. This is also a great way to keep your cutting boards aired out after washing.

8. Hallways


Turns out, a few strategically placed tension rods are an awesome way to baby-proof parts of the house you don't want your toddler to get to. You can easily adjust the height, and once your child/pet is old enough, you can always use the rods in one of the other ways we showed you. Can't do that with a baby gate!

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H/T: Mommypage

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