Although Autism May Be Seen By Some As A Disability, For This Man It Is His Gift.

While Stephen Wiltshire is an outstanding artist, that isn’t the only thing that sets him apart from the crowd. To create his brilliant artwork, Stephen must overcome his autism, but that’s no difficult task for him. Stephen actually uses his autism to create incredible drawings, paintings and landscapes like you’ve never seen before instead of being disabled by it.

When Stephen was only three-years-old, he was diagnosed with autism. Upon starting school at five, Stephen’s teachers at the Queensmill School in West London quickly noticed he was not only very captivated by drawing, but also very talented artistically as well.


Stephen’s teachers even motivated him to begin talking by taking his drawing supplies away from him, in hopes that he would talk to ask for their return. After initially just making some sounds, he finally said his very first word: “Paper”. Stephen acquired a complete vocabulary of words by the time he was nine. In the early stages of his art, Stephen preferred to draw cars and animals. He has long had a passion for classic American automobiles.

Not long ago, Stephen’s artistic ability left people all over the world in shock. After only a 20-minute helicopter flight, Stephen drew the city of Hong Kong in its entirety, and the results were breathtaking. The incredibly detailed 32-foot drawing took Stephen a week to create and showed outstanding accuracy. In addition to Hong Kong, Stephen has also drawn London, Madrid, Jerusalem, Frankfurt and Dubai.


Stephen’s triumphant story can teach us all that we can do so much more than we often give ourselves credit for.

Credit: Stephen Wiltshire (Facebook | Biography)

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