Amazing Examples Of Just How Clever Humans Can Be

There are things in life which are clever but annoying, like the kid that used to ace every test without breaking a sweat. 

Then there are other things which are clever, but too commonplace to elicit a thrill anymore, like your smartphone.

There's also a category of stuff which is clever, and still so out of the ordinary that it brings a smile to our face like Christmas does to a child's. 

These 15 examples fall into that last category, and we're sure that they'll make you grin from ear to ear just like they did us.

1. Espresso-nism


You have to admire someone who takes an ordinary latte and thinks, "I'll do something creative to the coffee that Salvador Dali would have loved." 

2. Now Leave Us Alone


These store baskets are designed to help the store staff know whether they should offer to help you with your shopping or not. Sounds peaceful.

3. Even More For Your Money


Not only is this a delightful combination of plastic spoon and fork, or a "spork," but to add a little extra value, there's a toothpick in the handle.

4. Rocking Home


This might take a second to figure out but when the door opens, the guitar plays a tune. How awesome is that? Wayne's World! Party time!


5. Shopping In The Free World


Then there's the audacious way to make your guitar store stand out from the crowd by turning it into a giant amplifier. We're sold. 

6. No Stress


Don't find using chopsticks very easy? Don't worry, spin them around and use the fork end instead. We love this and wish that they had them in our local Chinese restaurant.

7. Instant Cleverness


These noodles are a big hit. You cook the noodles in the carton, and when you're ready to eat them, it has a built-in strainer to get rid of the excess water. 

8. Couldn't Be Any Clearer


This is a really clever thing to do. The tire reveals a message as it wears away. When it's too worn, it says, "replace tire." 

9. Family Fun


This cute picnic bench has two sets of seats. High seats for the adults and lower sling ones for the children. There's also a high chair built into the table itself. Awesome, right?

10. Escape Hatch Concealment


This is a super way of keeping people safe. It's a door to the outside world in an Alzheimer's ward. So it's disguised as a bookcase to keep patients away from it. 

11. Sheer Genius


We think that the child who handed this test paper in probably has a long career in politics ahead of them. True and false in a single answer? That's genius.


12. Clear Warning


Our only worry with this sign is that it might actually be too clever for its own good. We hope that people figure it out before they get to the bridge.

13. Fantastic Furniture


This is something we'd love to put in our own home. It's furniture that you can instantly remodel based on your mood or your needs. 

14. Reconstructive Architecture


This is a superb way of demonstrating what a ruin would once have looked like, without having to restore the original building. The best of both worlds.

15. Fancy Foot Work


This is just brilliant! You get into the elevator with hands full of stuff and can't push the button for your floor, but you don't need to. Here you can kick the floor with your foot instead. 

They really are clever, aren't they? Which one was your favorite? We think the guitar store was really amazing.

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