Amazing Facts You'd Never Guess About These Common, Everyday Things

The commonplace things in our lives rarely attract even a moment of attention. That's pretty much the definition of "commonplace," right?

Yet, if we take the time to examine the everyday items in our lives and their story and history, it quickly transpires that even the most ordinary of objects can become fascinating.

That's what we've done here; we've gone below the surface of the unremarkable and discovered something remarkable. You'll enjoy these facts and if you like trivia, you'll love them. They'll make you see the world differently each day and that's awesome.

1. The Hole In A Pen Lid Could Save A Life

Wikimedia Commons

Pen lids stop your pen from leaking in your pocket. Unfortunately, they are also roughly the same size as a choking hazard for a small child. The hole in the center is to allow someone to breathe if they should get one stuck in their throat. 

2. The Many-Named Cardboard Sleeve


Ideal for ensuring that your fingers don't burn on your beverage, the humble cardboard sleeve has many names. Coffee clutch, Java Jacket, Coffee Cozy and umm... Paper Zart. We're not sure we'd be comfortable asking for the last one. 

3. Movie Trailers Come At The Wrong Time

Wikimedia Commons

A movie trailer used to be shown after the movie, hence "trailer." However, people wouldn't sit through them so advertisers insisted they be shown at the start. 


4. The Little Pocket In Your Jeans Is Not For Change


You normally discover it's not for change when you realize you can't get that quarter you put there back without taking off your jeans and turning them upside down. In fact, it was designed to house a pocket watch. 

5. Barbie's Real Name


The whole world knows Barbie as one of the world's most popular dolls, but what's her actual name? Apparently, it's Barbara Milicent Roberts. 

6. The Dotted Line That Isn't Dotted

Broken Secrets

The signature strip on a check appears to be a slightly dotted line due to the print used but in fact, it reads "authorized signature" over and over again in tiny print. 

7. The Name Of A Dab Of Toothpaste


This is something we'd never even considered, but there is a name for a dab of toothpaste on a toothbrush. It's "nurdle." We don't see it catching on either. 

8. The Croissant Is A Pretender


Croissants are French, right? That's why the French-sounding name. It turns out that we were wrong. The croissant was invented in Vienna, Austria. 


9. The Death Of Trees For Toilet Paper


You may not use much toilet paper on a daily basis, but globally 127,000 trees are hacked down, daily, to meet the world's toilet paper needs. 

10. You Are Tying Your Tie Just Fine

Wikimedia Commons

Yes, a necktie can be a little confusing sometimes, but the truth is that you can't actually tie one in the wrong way and Swedish researchers found there are 177,147 different ways to get it tied. 

It's quite amazing how many interesting things can be discovered about the ordinary stuff around you, and we hope that these facts brightened up your day.

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