Amazing Health Benefits Of Himalayan Salt

People have been using Pink Himalayan Salt for hundreds of years, but only recently has it been getting attention from the modern health community. You might have already heard of this unique salt, but you might be wondering how it differs from the stuff we normally use. To truly understand, you need to look at Himalayan history. The Himalayas are mountains in India, China, Nepal, and Pakistan that stretch nearly 3,000 km. Millions of years in the past, landmasses smashed into each other, creating the vast mountain range.

The highest point on Earth, Mount Everest, resides in the Himalayas. And a thousand miles from Everest is the home of the storied pink salt, the Khewra Salt Mines. Many years ago, this area was covered by a shallow sea. When the sea evaporated, crystalized sea salt remained, buried under the mountains. That's why the salt is sometimes known as Himalayan Sea Salt.

This amazing process has given the salt special properties lacking in other salts. Pink Himalayan Salt contains more than 84 minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper.

Pink Himalayan Salt can decrease blood pressure when substituted for table salt. It contains less sodium so you can still eat your favorite food without compromising on flavor. Salt encourages toxins to move out of healthy cells and be filtered out of the body.

When eaten, Pink Himalayan Salt can clear up problems with sinuses. They even sell rocks of salt that disperse negative ions that help to filter the air around you.

It can also help with relaxation, your muscles, body, and brain will feel more relaxed since the sea salt absorbs quickly into the bloodstream.

There’s a whole host of benefits to this salty remedy. From stress, to blood pressure, Himalayan Salt has a seemingly endless amount of uses.

Watch the video below to discover even more incredible effects of Himalayan Sea Salt.

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