Amazing Laundry Room DIY Renovation

When Redditor Solz22’s wife left town for a week, he decided it would be the perfect time to begin a small project. By small project, we mean major renovation of their infuriatingly dull laundry room. He hadn’t mentioned this to his wife, so he decided it could be a pretty great surprise if he actually did a good job.

The laundry room, as it was.

One of the biggest complaints they had were these very visible plugs.

Before he could start, he had to empty things out.


He began with a simple paint job. Even that can do a lot to a room.

But what good is a paint with an ugly, buzzing fluorescent fixture like this?

The lighting went, and so did the cabinetry, replaced with beautiful wood ones.

And a custom butcher block countertop, to help hide those pesky outlets.


But you’ll note, he thoughtfully placed a new outlet, just for convenience’s sake.

He tiled and trimmed until he could tile and trim no more.

By the time it was finished, he had husbands around the world saying, “way to set the bar too high, man.”

We’re guessing his wife was impressed as well. Even something as simple and utilitarian as a laundry room can become something spectacular when you’ve got the will and the creativity.

Via: Solz22

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