Amazing New Inventions We Want To Own Right Now

Human beings are at the top of the food chain thanks to our ability to invent and adopt new tools. The last 100 years or so have seen our lives transform thanks to the automobile, the jet engine, the personal computer, antibiotics and many more inventions. 

Not every invention changes the world mind you - some of them just make our lives nicer, easier and safer. That's what we have here. Some amazing new inventions that could really make life a more pleasant place for all of us. Check them out, you'll definitely want some of these things in your life. 

1. The Completely Reusable Candle

The Blaze

It's such a shame that so much candle is wasted in melted wax and The Rekindle aims to address that by collecting and then recycling that wax. 

2. Drinking In The Rain


Yes, this umbrella finally lets you pop out to Starbucks in a thunderstorm and bring back drinks easily because it has a built in cupholder. 

3. The Onion Holder Keeps You Safe


It's all too easy to slice your fingers when slicing an onion, so this clever comb-like invention aims to make cutting onions a safer business. 

4. The Scooter Stroller


We're not 100% certain that this is going to catch on. Though it's very cool and much faster, we're not sure it's safe for baby. 

5. The Interchangeable Power Strip


This clever power strip lets you add and subtract power units and indeed, color coordinate those units with the room around you. It's really cool. 

6. The Clear Countdown At The Lights

Yanko Design

This clever street sign takes the countdown at traffic lights and turns them into an hour glass. So there's no confusion about when the light will turn red. 

7. Easier Pizza Slices

This Is Why Im Broke

We love pizza, but it is a pain to cut properly and then serve. These scissors aim to make it much easier to slice and share a pizza. 


8. Contact Lenses That Keep You Healthy


These are smart lenses which measure sugar levels in your tears, they could help save diabetic lives and raise their awareness of their blood sugar levels. 

9. Safer Baby Bath Times

Gadget Review

Worried that if you give your baby a bath, you might scald them? Don't fear, use this faucet thermometer and you can keep the water at the perfect temperature. 

10. No Night Time Accidents

Wizard World Digital

This is brilliant. LEDS make these slippers light up, which is really handy when you're in need of the bathroom at night but don't want to wake anyone up by turning on a light.

11. The Magic Disney Bench That Lets You Star In A Movie

Disney Research

This clever bench lets you star in your own animated movies by using an optical illusion to create the characters on the bench so that you can "hear a character coming, see them enter the space, and feel them sit next to you."

12. The Scuba Tank You Can Refill By Yourself With A Pump


This is a Scorkl, a very small scuba tank which you can refill with air just by using a floor pump. It opens up a lot of new possibilities for divers. 

13. Window Blinds That Make Electricity


SolarGaps blinds are a cunning use of solar panels. They also have a big advantage over other forms of solar electricity generation—they don't need any specialist installation.  

14. Flat Proof And Airless Bicycle Tires


Bridgestone, the famous tire manufacturer, cracked the flat proof and airless car tire nearly six years ago. It took a little while longer for them to do the same for bicycles, but they've done it now.

15. Turn Any Surface Into A Tablet Computer

Sony Mobile

This is the Sony Xperia Touch Projector and it turns any surface you can set it on into a touch screen tablet computer. This opens up some amazing co-operative possibilities for touchscreen applications. 


16. Your Own Robot Assistant


The uArm SwiftPro is what every nerd has always wanted: A robotic assistant for their home. It can help with anything from playing checkers to 3D printing, and it's light enough that anyone can move it from task to task. 

17. Headphones That Are Also Hearing Aids


This is an amazing invention from Bose. These Hearphones combine the functionality of headphones and hearing aids. In a noisy environment, they let you eliminate distracting sound and keep the conversation that you are having. 

18. Solar Panels That Aren't Awful


Tesla has pulled off the minor miracle of designing solar panels that actually look like roofing tiles. They won't change the look of your home. 

19. The Flat Pack Truck


The OX-Truck is no ordinary vehicle. It can be flat-packed (just like furniture) when it is shipped. That means you can fit six trucks into a container rather than one. 

20. The Earphones That Act As A Translator


These are Pilot earphones and they are designed to translate other languages in real time as somebody speaks to you. They will be very handy on vacation and essential in business.

If you thought nearly everything that we need in this world had already been invented, it's a surprise to realize just how much new and cool tech is being released today.

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