Amazing Photos That Capture Art Literally Coming To Life

Life is art. We can find artistic inspiration in anything we see throughout our day. While some people dread sitting in traffic, other people are looking from the overpass at the beautiful accumulation of colors. As humans rake the leaves, the bird is looking down from an incredible height at the beautiful patterns that are being created. Creatures of all sizes even seem to attach themselves to pieces of art, often becoming part of the artwork itself.

Let's take a look at a few times when art seemed to be in perfect sync with nature and the lines between the two began to blur. Here are 15 photos that prove art can come to life.

1. Don't Cross A Black Cat


Something tells us this black cat wanders into the area all the time to patiently watch the beautiful portraits painted by the local graffiti artists. 

2. Octopus Hugs


It's hard to tell if this girl has always dreamt of having an octopus wrapped around her leg or if she does this kind of thing all the time.

3. Always Tired


We're starting to believe this adorable dog's face is stuck in that position. He must really know how to let loose all day.

4. Butterfly Kisses


You can tell by the look on her face she is simply smitten by being surrounded by all of those beautiful butterflies. Those insects are pieces of art on their own.

5. Which One Is Which?


When you're an avid painter and you have a cat that knows nothing about personal space, turn them into one of your inspirational subjects.


6. Lazy Pig


It takes a lot of love to get a giant portrait painted of a pig that looks like he just lays around the house all day.

7. Bird Watching


This takes "birding" to the extreme. If he wants to find out some information on the next page, he'll have to do it very carefully.

8. You Are Art


This is the perfect example of how one piece of art can inspire and perpetuate more art. It's a beautiful cycle of incredible creativity.

9. Life Is Art


People find the inspiration to create masterpieces in the most unlikely places. The everyday struggle of human existence can be considered the most beautiful work of art.

10. King Of The Concrete Jungle


This cat definitely knows his position in the grand scheme of things. If you're going to act like a king, then you might as well become a king.

11. Nothing But Smiles


If you had a cute dog that was this extraordinarily happy all of the time, then you would definitely want to capture it on canvas.


12. Leader Of The Flock


The bird is probably wondering why the rest of the flock doesn't appear to be following him. Or he's saying, "Get off my tail!"

13. Cat-ouflage


"Where on Earth is that other cat that kept staring at me? He's quite frisky, I thought he was right behind this window a second ago."

14. Twins


His commanding officers weren't messing around when they told this policeman that this patrol area belonged to him and only him. Does anyone know who the statue is for?

15. Are You My Friend?


We're starting to believe cats imitate art all of the time. Are they trying to live up to our expectations or is art living up to their expectations?

Do you see art in everything? Next time you go outside, open your eyes and your mind to your surroundings. Be sure to SHARE this with your family and friends!

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