Ambulance Crew Causes A Viral Web Of Good Deeds

Being generous is a wonderful quality in a person. Fred Pitzner was generous until his last breath, and then some.

Fred was a retired farmer who lived in Gaylord, Minnesota and fathered no children. When he died, he gifted a nearly $200,000 ambulance to the Gaylord EMT crew.

The EMT crew was stunned by Fred’s generosity. Gaylord Ambulance President Tom Webster wanted to pass on the kindness. He suggested they donate their old ambulance to the emergency services of Comfrey, Minnesota.

Before Gaylord and Comfrey received their new ambulances, tragedy struck again. Tom was struck by a truck while out for a ride on his bike. Sadly, Tom would never be able to see the kindness he helped spread take root in the community.

Touched by the generosity of Gaylord, the EMTs of Comfrey donated their old ambulance to Sanborn. This was the first ambulance that Sanborn ever had. Up until that point, EMTs had been responding to emergencies using their personal vehicles. They were stunned by the generosity. Watch the whole story of kindness and tragedy unfold in the video below.

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H/T: HumanKind

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