An Ancient Chinese City Has Been Preserved Underwater For Over 50 Years. It's An Amazing Sight

Looking at Qiandao Lake, you wouldn't guess that there is anything unusual about the pristine lake, nestled on white sands along China's Zhejiang province. The lake is in the city of Shicheng (Mandarin for "lion's tale") and travelers call it "the Atlantis of the East." But this sunken city has a very different story.

It's 185 miles off China's eastern coast and deep underwater.

It's 131 feet below sea level, deep on the floor of the Qiandao Lake.

The city remains have been there since the Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient China.

The timespan between Ming and Qing spans more than 500 years.

The 500 year time encompasses everything from 1368 to 1912.

The city didn't sink-- it was flooded.

For over 1,300 years, Shicheng was a thriving metropolis.

But in 1959, the entire city was flooded intentionally. The city was flooded to make way for the construction of the Xin-an Dam and hydroelectric station. 

300,000 people evacuated and watched as their hometown sank into the sea.

Now, what was once a regular, modern Chinese city stands beneath the water, just waiting for divers and tourists to take a look.

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