An Arctic Fox Has The Cutest Response To His Owner Laughing

Mar 22, 2016

There's an old saying that laughter is contagious. When one person starts to laugh, it quickly spreads to the people around them until everyone is laughing but no one is quite sure why. Apparently, though, that phenomenon isn't just limited to us humans. Kristina Shafer of Michigan uploaded a short video of a moment she shared with her adorable arctic fox that proves the power of laughter extends into the animal kingdom. 

In the video, the fox appears as if it is laughing after hearing the sound of its owner's laughter. It's a delightful moment, but whether or not the fox is actually laughing is a subject for debate. One animal behaviorist said, "Remember, all the emotional states we assign to animals are really analogs to emotional states of beings we don't really completely understand." Just because it sounds like the fox is laughing to us, doesn't mean that the fox was expressing the feelings we associate with laughter. But, whether the fox was laughing or just releasing a natural instinct, we can all agree it was pretty cute.

How does one come to own an arctic fox in the first place? Well, it's very difficult. Arctic foxes, not to be confused with The Arctic Monkeys, are very rare creatures that are next to impossible to buy as pets. Tiny Tracks Breeders, a breeding company in Indiana that specializes in foxes, charges close to $1,000 for an arctic fox. But it is important to remember that arctic foxes are wild animals, not 'pets', and attempts to tame them are not recommended.  


When my boyfriend laughs, Archer laughs

Posted by Kristina Shafer on Sunday, March 13, 2016

H/T: Kristina Shafer

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