An Artist Creates Beautiful Clouds From 100,000 Balloons In England's Covent Garden

Places like Covent Garden’s Market Building are beautiful on their own, with architectural style and detail that you don’t see in modern construction. Of course, being English, there’s also something a little “Harry Potter” about this space. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to find a wand shop as you wandered through the market. It’s this nearly magical quality that must have inspired Charles Pétillon to select this as the site for his latest installation, “Heartbeat.” Lit with a warm, pulsing glow reminiscent a lightning storm, but also of something alive, this cloud of balloons pushes that sense of wonder into a realm of pure fantasy.

It’s certainly caused quite a scene for tourists.

It makes the covered marketplace a bit more magical for locals and visitors alike.

Pétillon designed the pulsing “heartbeat” to reflect the Market Building’s position as the “beating heart of [Covent Garden].”


He chose balloons as the medium because “Everybody on this earth knows exactly what a small balloon is. A small child in China, America or Europe - it's universal.”

Pétillon was nervous before the opening, but the balloons are definitely having the desired effect.

Don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself in this video.

Via: This Is Colossal

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