An Artist Turns The Ashes Of Loved Ones Into Beautiful Glass Memorial Beads

Apr 10, 2015

Merry Coor is an artist from Eureka, California who began making glass beads in 2000. Not long ago, she received a very special request: a young couple asked if she would incorporate the ashes of a dear friend into a bead for them, as a keepsake. 

Coor says that even though it was 80 degrees Fahrenheit in her studio that day, she had chills the whole time she made that bead. Ever since then, she's been making these special mementos for people around the world.


Each bead is handmade and uses the cremated ashes of a loved one.

The spiral designs are the ashes. Since everyone is slightly different, some ash is white while some looks golden.

All the beads in her portfolio are a special memorial for her clients that allows them to always have a piece of their loved one with them.


Coor tries to create personal memorials for each bead.

Clients can send in photos of their loved one, music they used to like, stories about them or anything else. Coor will listen to the music, look at the pictures and meditate on the person, so as to put their energy and heart into their bead.

She also accepts long-distance orders and even sends pre-paid envelopes to send the ashes (half a teaspoon per bead) and any other materials (photos, music, etc.) about your loved ones that you would like her to see. Once the bead is complete, she will send back the finished product along with any supplementary materials you may have sent.

To learn more about the artist, check out her website, or head to her Etsy shop if you'd like one of your own.

Credit: Distractify

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