An Elderly Chinese Couple Recreates Their Wedding Photos From 70 Years Ago

Any wedding anniversary is a joyous occasion - every marriage has its good days and bad days and it takes work to make it through a whole year - but celebrating a marriage that's been going for 70 years? That's truly special. 

Wang Deyi, 98, and Cao Yuehua, 97, were married at the Northern Hot Springs Park in Chongqing, China back in 1945. The couple had four children and this year, the kids helped them celebrate their 7oth anniversary by helping them recreate their wedding photos from all those years ago.

The couple's youngest son, 60-year-old Cao Pangpei told CNN that his parents "have been together for so long, going through the war, the political turmoil and diseases, and can still stay with each other and love each other. We want to help them to commemorate their love."

Here's a side-by-side comparison with their original wedding photo from 1945.


70 years later, they were able to recreate the magic of that day with a little help from their four children.

Their youngest son says "They can barely remember many things in their life, but they can recite the love poems they wrote to each other during the wartime."

"They’ve lived through tough times [such as war-time separation], but they never stopped loving each other."

"My dad asked my mom for a dance and they fell in love with each other almost at first sight."


"That’s how my father met my mother."

"We want to help them preserve their memories of the love they’ve shared."

The happy wife gleefully added a reminder for reporters to revisit them in a few years when they're both 100.


Via: Boredpanda

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