An Entire Hollywood Wild West Ghost Town Is Up For Sale. This Is What You'll Get If You Buy It

If you've got an extra $950,000 laying around and a deep love for playing cowboy, Valley Center, Califonia has got just the thing for you.

The old west village has been used in commercials, movies and TV shows...

Although many of Valley Center's residents don't even know that it's there.


The town has a blacksmith, barbershop, general store and a printshop.

All of the buildings' interiors are painstakingly furnished with great detail, using period antiques whenever possible.

Everything in the town was built by the former homeowners over a span of 60 years.

The town is set up to accommodate horses, of course.


(Yes, it does come with a jailhouse.)

The 1-acre replica also comes with a 1,500-square-foot two-bedroom ranch house. 

The owners have agreed to dismantle and auction off the Wild West town if they can't find a buyer. But who wouldn't want their very own town right outside their door?

Credit: Realtor

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