An Impressive Collection Of Animal Selfies

Anyone can snap a pic with their pet, but it takes a special type of person to take selfies with the all-stars of the Animal Kingdom. Allan Dixon is a 29-year-old from Ireland and he's making the whole internet "howl" with his impressive animal selfies. That picture of you posing with a celebrity doesn't look as impressive when it's placed next to a sea turtle selfie, now does it? 

Even though the photos look spontaneous and relaxed, Dixon said that he spends "anywhere between five minutes to three hours being in the animal's presence." It sounds like an intense process, but Allan and his animal friends look like they're all having a blast. Check out the images below to see some of these stunning selfies.

1. Sometimes you have to get down in the dirt for the perfect shot.

2. "I think one of us had our eyes closed."

3. "Cheese? I thought you wanted me to say 'Ahhhhhh.'”


4. This one looks more like a photo-bomb.

5. I can't tell whose hair is better.

6. Do you remember this scene from Lady and The Tramp?

7. No one can resist doing this in the car.

8. They make a cute couple.


9. Who wouldn't want to feel like a pirate?

10. This seal looks like it's going for a high five. Don't leave it hanging!

11. Down low!

12. Stuck in the middle of an all-out food fight.

13. More like shell-fie, am I right?

Via: Bored Panda | Allan Dixon

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