An Old Pair Of Crutches Transforms Into A Stunning Shelf

As many people out there already know, it is never fun to have an injury to the legs or feet. On top of any pain or discomfort experienced, there is also the inevitable awkwardness of having to use crutches. Those clumsy sticks that go under your armpits become so vital to mobility, but they also have a way of making everything that much harder. For those lucky enough to have never needed them, can you imagine having to carry two long wooden polls with you everywhere you go?

Some of the most useful DIY projects are ones that upcycle something that is no longer used. After the injury has healed, most people usually throw away their crutches or leave them to gather dust. Instead of letting them go to waste, why not try this great simple project to make them useful again?

Not having any on hand, Jane of the popular blog Mamie Jane's bought these two crutches for $2 from a local garage sale.

The first step was to remove the soft rubber caps at the bottom of each crutch. After that, the rounded pieces of wood, where they were attached, needed to be sawed off.


Using a metal hinge, she attached the two crutches together at the ends that were sawed off.

With the hinge at the top, the crutches could fold out to form perfect legs and a frame for shelves.

She used scrap wood that was left over to make four shelves of different lengths.

Each shelf needed to be screwed into the frame.


The pieces of wood were all mismatched, so she painted them white to look more uniform.

Then came the fun part.

The shelves ended up having a very rustic feel to them, so she decided to decorate them with vintage-looking items.

The final result became a great addition to her home's decor. What would have been a useless item is now a focal point of the room.

Via: Little Things | Mamie Jane’s

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