An Unlikely Barn Animal Helped Build This Vacation Home Out Of Hay. What's Inside Is Too Awesome.

The architects at Ensamble Studio had in mind a specific kind of vacation home in their Spanish location. They wanted something rustic but modern and completely in harmony with its surroundings.

They decided to try an experiment: they covered hay bales in concrete.

The mass was allowed to harden, buried in soil.

Once the cast hardened, the shape was sliced open.


Now how to get all the hay out?

The architects enlisted the help of a cow named Paulina to eat away all the remaining hay.

What was left is just the inside cast.

It took her about a year and a half to clear out the hay.


The vacation home is cozy and unique.

It is the perfect blend of rustic and contemporary.

Here's a video of the initial process:

Credit: Ensamble Studio 

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