Angry Mom Pays Off Every Single Student's Lunch Debt

Dominic Grant was a typical high school junior making his way through the lines at the cafeteria during lunch when something truly shocking happened. As he reached the end of the line, the cafeteria worker took his tray from his hands and tossed it all in the trash. Why, you ask? All because he owed slightly less than $5 on previous school lunches.

Can you imagine how humiliating that must have been, all for something so trivial? "It was really embarrassing," says Dominic. "Right in front of the whole lunchroom, they took my plate away and said I didn't have enough to eat today."

When his mother, Amanda Keown, heard what happened, she couldn't believe her ears. Who in their right minds denies a kid a meal over less than $5, sending him to class for the rest of the day on an empty stomach? Unfortunately, this is not the first time issues like this have arisen, and as long as school lunches are treated as private, for-profit businesses, it's not going to stop. Notifying the student privately that their balance is low is one thing, but what they did at Dominic's school clearly crosses the line. Why throw away perfectly good food? It's not like you got paid for that meal either way, so let the kid eat it I say.

Feeling justifiably outraged, Amanda marched down to the school to take care of the matter personally. What she ended up doing stunned a lot of people, and possibly brought a tinge of shame to the administrators overseeing the lunch program. Not only did she pay the chump-change her son was denied his lunch over, she also paid off the lunch debts of the entire student body! She said that it was worth the roughly $200 she paid just to make sure no other student would go hungry and/or endure the embarrassment her son did. If only the school board felt so strongly about their students' well-being!

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