Animal Sandals Turn Ordinary Strolls Into Walks On The Wild Side!

Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach? The answer is basically no one. Except maybe Count Dracula. We’re not going to include him in this, though. Beach trips can be short or quite long, depending on where you’re headed, how much time you got off work, and what beach you’re planning on hitting. Kids are an additional challenge but almost definitely the biggest reason to go in the first place.

Sun tan lotion is key for kids’ sensitive skin. The higher the better. Swim lessons are important but with youngsters, don’t think their ability to swim is going to be a 100% sure thing, especially on ocean beaches, which can offer up additional hazards like rip tides.

But one concern you won’t have is keeping children entertained. Between the surf and the sand there is a limitless amount of fun for an imaginative child. Especially with a few creative toys, like these incredible sandals from Kiko+ of Japan.

They don’t look too different from normal flip-flops on first glance. Except that they’re made of wood.


But as your child walks along the wet sand, you might notice something unusual happening.

Because these are no ordinary sandals! They’re animal print-making machines!

The “Ashiato” sandals come in all sorts of fun patterns (Ashiato is Japanese for "footsteps").

Even monkey and gecko!


Or, a little more fancifully, dinosaur and owl.

They come in a few sizes, but unfortunately no adults. :(

The deep, wood-block prints also help kids walk in the sand and were inspired by traditional Japanese footwear.

Don't these just seem like the most fun ever?

H/T: Kiko+

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