Are You Cleaning These Household Items Often Enough?

There are certain things we clean every day. Our teeth, our bodies, and our hands just to name a few. But what about the other things that we use every day? How often should we clean those?

Everything from your comforter to your refrigerator should be cleaned every so often. While having some amount of germs around your house is completely normal and can even be beneficial in some instances, you never want to let anything get too nasty.

Thankfully, we've got a list of when, and how, you should clean 15 of the most common household items. Check out the list below to discover whether or not your house is as clean as you thought it was.

1. Bedsheets: Once a week.


These things get covered in everything from dead skin cells to perspiration, so it's best to make sure they're always fresh.

2. Comforter: Twice a year.

Deron Bauman

You might not think this thing ever needs to be cleaned since it stays on top of the sheets, but it still collects dust and germs like anything else.

3. Bath Towels: Every three to four uses.


Even though our bodies are clean when we use them, the dampness in towels can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. If you use your towels multiple times, make sure you hang them up so they dry out quicker.

4. Toilet Bowl: Every week.


Cleaning the toilet might not be fun, but it's nowhere near as bad as having a bowl full of germs sitting in your bathroom.


5. Dish Towels: Once a week.

Matt MacGillivray

Dish towels are like the Swiss Army Knives of the kitchen. Considering all of the things they come in contact with, it'd probably be wise to clean them frequently.

6. Grout: Every month.

Check out this clever hack for cleaning bathroom grout with nothing more than a candle stick. Take that, mildew!

7. Rugs/Carpets: Once a week.


Vacuuming your rugs and carpets is an important part of keeping a clean home, considering they're magnets for dirt and crumbs. Plus, no self-respecting princess will go for a ride on a dirty carpet.

8. Kitchen Sink: Every few weeks.


You might be asking yourself, "If there's so much soap in our sinks, what's the point in cleaning them?" Well, plenty of food debris and bacteria can still build up in and around the sink - especially inside the drain. To clean your drain, pour baking soda down the pipe, then pour some white vinegar down. After about 15 minutes, flush everything out with boiling water.

9. Oven: Twice a year.


The easiest way is to remove the racks and clean them separately. Soak them in hot water while you wipe the inside with oven cleaner.

10. Refrigerator: Seasonally (every 3 months). 

About four times a year, remove everything from your fridge and give every surface a nice wipe down. We love using baking soda as both a cleaner and deodorizer. Watch this video for some helpful tips.

11. Stairs: Weekly.


For as much traffic as stairs get, it's no wonder they can be so messy. Use a vacuum or surface cleaner to get rid of any dirt and dust.


12. Mattress: Twice a year.

Did you know that on top of cleaning your sheets and comforter, you need to clean your mattress as well? Here, Melissa Maker gives us some awesome advice on how to clean our mattresses.

13. Pots & Pans: Every few months.

Aitor Garcia

Everyone knows that you should clean your pots and pans each time you use them, but some experts recommend giving them a deep clean every few months as well. Soak all of your cooking utensils in a combination of vinegar and water, then rinse. To get rid of serious stains, don't be afraid to spray them with oven cleaner.

14. Washer/Dryer: Twice a year.

Celeste Lindell 

We fill them with dirty, sweaty clothes all year, so where did you think all that nastiness ends up? Some of it, unfortunately, sticks around, which means cleaning your washing machine every six months is a must. Simply run a cycle of hot water and bleach for complete sanitation.

15. Purse: Once a week.


Few things get more use than a purse. No need to spend too much time cleaning your purse, but it's a good idea to remove its contents and clean the bottom with a disinfecting wipe. It'll keep your stuff clean, and maybe help you realize which things can be thrown away.

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