Army Vet Reunites With His Long Lost Twin Children

Love doesn’t always play by the rules, even for a member of our armed services. But those men and women who make up our military have to abide by those rules, even when their hearts say otherwise. One such veteran is Allen Thomas, who was stationed in Korea in the late ‘60s. That’s where he met Connie, a Korean woman with whom he fell in love and had a beautiful pair of twins, Sandra and James. When it came time to return to America, however, there was a problem with the paperwork and Allen had to return alone. Try as they might, Allen and Connie couldn’t keep the marriage together at that distance and divorced after two years.

Allen during his service years.

Allen wished to stay in the children’s lives but his wishes went unfulfilled. 

Finally, he learned that the twins had been adopted by a family in America. The adoption was confidential and he couldn’t find out anything more than that.


Still, he never gave up hope, and even after remarrying and starting a new family, he never stopped thinking about Sandra and James. 

So, with one last shot, he took his quest to Facebook. 

His story went viral, word spread, and he was finally reunited with his now-adult twin children.

Via: Allen Thomas

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