Artist Creates Epic Halloween Decor For Parent's House

It’s not uncommon to see people go all-out decorating their homes for Christmas, but Halloween? Typically a pumpkin, a stalk of corn and maybe a plastic skeleton is as good as it gets. Of course, there are exceptions, but this next house really took us by surprise.

Meet Christine McConnell. The Los Angeles based photographer and artist is known for her haunting photos, immaculate cake decorating skills, and of course, a self-proclaimed love of all things macabre. 

This Halloween, she decided to decorate the outside of her parent’s house, which dates back to the 1900s. 

And when we say decorate, what we really mean is dress it up to the nines. In total, her efforts took about four 12-hour days and a total of $250. 


However, the final result was well worth the effort.

And at night, it looks even better! McConnell said: “When I was photographing myself on the porch, people driving by were stopping and also taking pictures; it was pretty funny. Also, tons of parents with their kids kept wanting to take pictures of themselves against the house.” 

It was hard to beat the decorations she made two years ago, with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, but we think she succeeded! To see more of Christine’s work, check out her Facebook page

Via: Buzzfeed | Christine McConnell

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