Artist Creates Mosaic Using 66,000 Cups

Early mosaics were created in Mesopotamia and are dated to the second half of 3rd millennium BC. They were made by combining pieces of colored stones, shells, and ivory. Since then, mosaics have been common across cultures. 

In this project, artist Serge Belo uses 66,000 cups filled with different shades of water to create a mosaic on a truly massive scale! Considering how each cup was placed by hand, one by one, I can only imagine how time-consuming this must have been. The end results are absolutely stunning, though. What's even cooler to think about is how simple the materials used really are.

Each cup is filled with water that has varying amounts of food coloring in it to create multiple hues of the same color. It's really cool to see how this image slowly forms over time, and of course, the moment that the camera zooms out and it all comes into view is so satisfying.

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H/T: Serge Belo

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