Artist Paints Lifelike Water Art

Feb 26, 2016

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this couldn't be any more true than when people discuss the beauty of art. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, and it may even be difficult for some to appreciate the amount of work and skills that go into making a particular painting or sculpture.

Of all the genres of painting that are out there, it's hard not to appreciate the combination of skills and talent that goes into hyperrealism and photo-realism. Photo-realism's primary focus is on creating works that are as true to life as possible, and the results are difficult to distinguish from the aesthetic of a photograph. As an extension of photo-realism, hyperrealism takes the same principles and builds upon them using modern methods, tools, and supplies. However, even with modern advances, creating realistic art that is difficult to distinguish from a high-resolution photograph is still most heavily reliant on the skills of the artist.

One such artist that is literally making waves with his talent is Gustavo Silva Nuñez. Painstakingly painting every little bit of detail by hand, this Venezuelan artist sometimes spends weeks on end just to complete a single piece. As seen in the video below, the results of his endeavors are nothing short of astounding. Particularly when he poses with his paintings, you would have never guessed that the other person in the photo is actually not real. To see more of Nuñez's work, be sure to check out his photos on Instagram.

H/T: Patryn World Latest News

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