Artist Transforms Boring City Walls In France Into Vibrant, Lifelike Murals

Friends and family might have a hard time finding you on their next visit if you live in any of the buildings touched by French artist Patrick Commecy. 

Commecy is a street artist who heads a team that transforms the boring city walls of Angoulême, France with large-scale, hyper-realistic murals. Gone are the scrawls of graffiti, marks of grime, and advertisements that cover many buildings, and, in their place, are works of art that make the cityscape even more lively and beautiful than it already is. 

Although the facades may trick your eyes at first, many important people from the town's history are depicted within the murals. How many can you spot?

Juliette et les esprits


La galerie V


Au fil de Loire

Le café des acteurs


Tableaux d’Eyzin-Pinet


La fée verte

Café de l’Aqueduc

Roméo et Juliette


Les Dolto

La guinguette

Stars' kisses

Porte des Lavandières

Porte de l’amour courtois

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H/T: Bored Panda | A. Fresco

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