Artists Create Incredibly Elaborate Wood Carvings

Sometimes great works of art require a lot of patience. That’s what printmaker Valerier Leuth found out when she set out upon the biggest project of her career. Along with her partner Paul Roden, Valerie spent thousands of hours carving out an ordinary block of wood. Her painstaking efforts were rewarded with the end result of an incredibly detailed wood carving unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Along the way, she photographed the process to give a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make such a huge project come to life. 

It took over three years for Valerie and Paul to complete their artwork.

Most of that time was spent making millions of tiny cuts into their wooden canvas.

Here is what their final product looked like:


In total, five large woodblock prints were made.

They titled their piece “Overlook.”

Each block has its own unique design, but when put together they make a complete gorgeous image.

Every piece is printed onto handmade kozo fiber paper.

The elaborate detail on each piece sets every print apart.


They all feature images of mountains and a lush, green landscape.

The artists plan to release 100 prints made from these elaborate blocks.

The prints will be made available to the public next month.

To view more of the work that went into making this insanely detailed project, you can watch this behind-the-scenes video

Via: Lifebuzz

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