Aug 14, 5 More Things We Saw This Week

Aug 14, 2015

We’re savoring the last few days of summer and getting geared up for some new projects, like this recap of things we saw and Houston Barber’s weekly dive into our viral vault.

In the meantime, though, here are some of our lovely Internet finds that made us scratch our heads and reignited our fascination with the world.

1) Unexpected moments of being human.

The “awwww....” treatment is typically reserved for cute newborns and puppies, especially when they learn how to walk. Too cute. But robots? Not so much. When we saw this video of robots falling down, we snickered at first. But then, 30 seconds in, we started fawning over them. They pulled at our heartstrings more than we expected. Should we feel bad for robots? Is this the sign of the impending AI takeover?

Turns out, empathy may actually be a choice. That’s good news for us, because emotional intelligence, which includes empathy, may play a wayyy bigger role in determining one’s success.

2) Craftsmanship is alive and well.

Süreyya Noyan via Imgur

There’s something incredibly fascinating and compelling about those mastering extremely detail-oriented, lost art forms, like painting eggshells. How do you even start? Because I can’t draw a straight line to save my life. In case you were wondering, though, here’s how to draw a perfect freehand circle.


3) Cats and hamsters being cute. 

Everyone’s second-favorite rodent, Tiny Hamster, meets the most beloved mouse of all time at Disney World. As Tiny Hamster gorges himself on spinning teacups and bite-sized snacks, this cat “hunts” around the house and scrounges up some food

4) And let the water games begin.

All jokes aside, we know that water is a huge, important topic around the world. And it’s the basis of human life. That’s why scientists completely geeked out over the last-ever large bodies of water on Mars.


Here on Earth, we’re finding new ways to conserve water and improve its quality. Above, California residents are throwing shade to do just that. Across water reservoirs in Los Angeles, millions of “shade balls” have been released to prevent harmful chemical reactions, reduce evaporation and cut down on algae growth.  

5) This is what the Internet matrix must look like. And I want to live there.

My Modern Metropolis

That crazy house of mirrors (better known as Mirrored Room) is actually an installation by New York-based artist Lucas Samaras. First shown in 1966, it was cutting-edge artwork that encouraged viewers to enter and engage with the piece. It most recently was on view at the Pace Gallery. It looks like a great place to get lost.

Anyway, thanks for tuning in! In the meantime, let us know the coolest stuff you saw on the Internet. Have a lovely afternoon and we’ll catch you later.

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