Australian Artist Paints Colorful Masterpieces Using Beach Stones As Her Canvas

Dotillism is a unique style of painting used by Elspeth McLean. She's an Australian award-winning artist, and she collects beach stones and uses them as her canvas to paint on. 

1. In her work, "Mandala Stones," she creates her entire artwork using only dots. 

2. She uses only acrylic paint and a paintbrush.

3. She seals them with varnish for protection when she's done.

4. They look so perfect, everything is symmetrical.

5. This is one of my favorites. 


6. She explains that it's about the pressure you apply to the brush.

7. She only uses a simple paintbrush to create her artwork.

8. And they range in colors and designs.

9. The rocks surrounding this is what this stone originally looked like.

10. But she turns them into these.

11. Her precision is very impressive.


12. They look flawless.

13. The big ones look even better.

14. Matches perfectly with the background.

15. It's difficult to put into words. They're truly unique artworks.

Credit: Elspeth Mclean 

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