Australian Photographer Finds Live Fish Trapped Inside Jellyfish

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming ..." This quote, by Dory from Disney's Finding Nemo, has been repeated by a lot of us over the years since the film was first released in 2003. It's a lighthearted reminder to keep on going, no matter how tough the situation may seem. Personally, I know that whenever I am in a situation where I need to say it to myself, just thinking of Dory's character helps cheer me up.

In the case of one particular fish, however, those words could not possibly be more applicable - in the most literal sense. Last December, Australian photographer Tim Samuels was out free-diving in Byron Bay with a friend, hoping to take some photos of the turtles that liked to inhabit the area. Byron Bay is protected from fishing, so marine life is thriving, but nothing could have possibly prepared Samuels for what he saw next!

He found a fish inside a jellyfish!

There's no way of knowing how this unlikely situation occurred, but both the fish and the jellyfish were still very much alive. Samuels thinks that the fish may have somehow managed to swim its way inside the jellyfish, only to find itself unable to back out.


"The fish was able to propel the jellyfish forward and controlled its movement to an extent,” he told CNET. “The jellyfish threw it off-balance, though, and they would wobble around, and sometimes get stuck doing circles.”

Samuels was originally out in the water to photograph other marine life, most notably the local turtles.

Some commenters speculated that the fish may have been a juvenile trevally, as they are sometimes known to hide between jellyfish stingers as a form of protection.


Samuels says he considered setting the fish free for a little while, but eventually decided to "let nature take its course."

It's unknown what happened to this unlikely duo since that day. Maybe the fish managed to find a way out, maybe it was digested by the jellyfish. Or maybe, just maybe, they're still out there to this day, like some sort of undersea Odd Couple.

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H/T: Bored Panda | Tim Samuels

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