Awesome Flag Made Out Of Army Men

Jacob Feazel wanted to remind people what a great country America is. He was assigned a school project and he decided to recreate the American flag from scratch.

Jacob is not a veteran, nor an activist. He's just a high school kid who supports the military and is proud of his country. This little project took over 50 hours of work.

The base of the flag is a solid piece of plywood that Jacob measured and cut. When it was time to add the stars and stripes, Jacob got creative.

He painted on the basic colors of the flag and then he purchased over 5,000 individual army men. After calculating how many he'd need for each color, Jacob spray painted every one of them red, white, or blue.

Then, the figurines were glues to the plywood board to make up the stars and stripes.


By looking closely, you can see the individual army figurines that make up the flag. It's a fitting salute and apt analogy to our armed forces.

Jacob has caused a lot of discussion about the youth and patriotism. His creativity was a showing of respect to the people who give their lives for our country.

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